Posted by Steve Bloom - February 2, 2010 | Poetry

Steve Bloom
(Photo: Thomas Good / NLN)

January 19, 2010

[on this date the US Supreme Court, by a vote of 9-0, overturns a lower court ruling that set aside the death penalty for Mumia Abu-Jamal]

Truth is stood upon its head — once more
today. Fitting, I would say, that we
receive your latest declaration
of imposing death just hours after pausing
to remember Martin. For on his holiday
each year we hear consistent drumbeats
of a lesson learned so well: Never fail
an opportunity to justify this nation’s lies
by draping them in someone else’s truth.

And yet
here is one truth that haunts you still:

A lie has been proclaimed each time
nine final names are draped
with the title “Justice,” then again
when it is said you reign supreme.

For I can hear the voices of a higher court
chanting in the street not far away.
“Brick by brick” and “wall by wall,
we’re going to free . . .” they rule,
certain that a time arrives when these–
like Martin’s honest words–become
transformed into a power even you
must flail at helplessly, in your supremacy
of lies. And then, when truth be all,
nine black-robed heads of densest brick
will find themselves among the first to fall.

Posted by Mazin Qumsiyeh - September 23, 2009 | Poetry

We are angry at rhetoric of oppression
Hafrada-Segregation-Apartheid and Security
Two-states, one state, cantons and autonomy
The chosen state’s right to exist

While colonialism can persist
Addicts now to talk about talking
And hold meetings about more meetings

Maybe to revive the “peace process” charades

to ensure no peace for a few more decades

giving the monster created by Western powers

time to gobble more of the holy pieces

and belch its pleasure in more negotiations

devoid of human rights or UN resolutions

We are angry at statistics of oppression
11,000 political prisoners
534 Destroyed villages and towns
35% seeking stolen jobs
450 km of apartheid walls
7 million displaced or refugees

1.5 million uprooted fruiting trees

1.5 million in Gaza besieged
62 years of justice denied

We are angry at manufactured misery
Epidemics and pandemics
Genocides hidden with polemics

Swelling ranks of the disempowered

Phosphorous bombs on Gaza showered

An apartheid wall that snakes around

Running sewage in the streets abound

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