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The war in Iraq is entering its fifth year. Despite the fact that the overwhelming majority of citizens want the war to end, despite the fact that U.S. forces are being defeated by the Iraqi resistance, Bush recently announced plans to send 21,500 more troops to Iraq. These troops are being committed to fight and die in an unjust war based on lies and greed. Four years is four years too many. The Iraqi people want the foreign occupiers out. They know the U.S. government is not a “liberator,” but whose presence means only continued violence, death, and destruction.We, students and young people here in the U.S., support the right of the Iraqi people to self-determination. We refuse to accept this new strategy to “expand the military,” and reject any means the government may use to make these new troops materialize – whether through the implementation of a draft or the continued use of manipulative and deceptive recruitment techniques. We refuse to be subtle in our outcry against this war, we refuse to do nothing and be silent while people are killed in our name for profit for the rich and we refuse to be sent overseas in a war for oil.

This past November, 100 students from twenty different college campuses came together at a Students for a Democratic Society meeting in Ft.Benning, GA and unanimously decided that March 20th be declared a national day of student and youth resistance against the war! SDS is calling on all students and youth to get out in the streets, get involved and get organized against this war! We, the students and youth of this country, are taking an active stand against US imperialism and fighting for a better world. We reject this war of greed and profit, and are walking out of our classes and taking to the streets in protest!


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By Matt De Vlieger, as a reflection of the collective sentiments of UCF SDS.

Left to Right: Hank Jones, John Bowman, Ray Bourdeaux, Harold Taylor, Richard Brown.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Orlando Student Group Calls for the Release of the Panther 8

On Jan. 19, former Black Panther Harold Taylor, 58, was an honored guest speaker at the University of Central Florida. Then one month ago on Jan 23, the Floridian was arrested from his Panama City home in relation to the 1971 killing of a Sa n Francisco police sergeant. That charge was dropped of over 30 years ago, in 1975, when evidence proved that New Orlea ns Police obtained confessions through horrifying torture. Harold Taylor and other members endured electric shock, sensory deprivation, beatings and other unspeakable at the hands of the state.

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Wobblies marched in freezing temperatures on F19 (Photo: Thomas Good)

New York, NY – February 19, 2007. The New York City Branch of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) and Make the Road by Walking marched through the industrial sections of Brooklyn and Queens for hours in frigid temperatures on Monday, February 19 – demanding justice for fired workers. The colorful procession was highly visible with its sea of red IWW flags and banners.

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An SDS organizer from Brown University discusses anti-oppression work (Photo: Thomas Good)

New York, NY – February 18, 2007.

Held in the New School’s Lang Auditorium, the SDS Northeast Regional was very well attended. On Day Two of the meeting there were approximately 90 attendees from a wide array of chapters – from New York state: Columbia University, CUNY Hunter, New School SDS, Pace SDS, Pratt SDS, SLAM Harlem, and Sarah Lawrence SDS. From Massachusetts: Brandeis and Emerson College SDS. From the DC area: American University, D.C. IWW, George Mason University SDS and George Washington University SDS. From Delaware: University of Delaware. From New Jersey: Bergen County SDS, Drew SDS, Jersey City IWW, Monmouth SDS, Rutgers (New Brunswick, Newark and Tent State University). From Rhode Island: Brown University SDS and Salve Regina (Newport) SDS. Discussions were held on several key areas including: Chapter Report Backs, Caucuses, Action Camps (organizer trainings to be held this summer), Points of Unity, Networking/Recruiting and Retention, Upcoming Actions and Regional Structure. The event was covered by reporters from The Nation, The Indypendent and NLN.

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Manning Marable, new elected Chair of MDS, Inc. (Photo: Thomas Good)

New York, NY – February 17, 2007. A bitter cold day did not prevent the Movement for a Democratic Society (MDS) from holding a well attended conference at New York City’s New School University. The event was held in the Graduate Center, 65 Fifth Avenue, and about 100 participants were in attendance. The meeting featured several speakers who are well known figures on the US Left and an agenda that centered around electing a board of directors for MDS, Incorporated – the non-profit arm of MDS that was founded last August in Chicago, at the national SDS convention. Its purpose is to provide SDS’ student activists with a legal defense fund, monies for the Radical Education Project and a general fund for meetings, conventions and other SDS functions. Organizers were pleased with the turnout and excited about the election of Manning Marable as Chair of the new Board.

The new board, elected by acclamation, includes: Mark Rudd, David Graeber, Judith Malina, Jesse Zearle, Kate Khatib, Roderick Long, Alan Haber, Manning Marable, Muhammed Ahmad, Charlene Mitchell, Starhawk, John O’Brien, Barbara Ehrenreich, Gideon Oliver, Jeff Jones and Bert Garskof. Elected as officers, in addition to Marable as Chair, were three Vice Chairs: Paul Buhle, Judith Malina and Jesse Zearle. The board is remarkable for its diversity and organizers describe the conference as “historic.”

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[Editor’s Note: this open letter is being circulated on various listservs. I have decided to sign on in the hopes that unity in the anti-war movement is an achievable goal. Panama Vicente Alba, one of the signatories, is an MDS board nominee and a long time freedom fighter and friend of SDS]

Please sign on to the following letter by directly replying to this email, and circulate the letter widely to other progressive list serves and individuals. Below are only initial signers:

Dear sisters and brothers in the leadership of United for Peace and Justice,

It is with deep concern, sincerity and hope that we the undersigned appeal to you to cancel the protest that you have only recently announced for March 18 in New York City, well after plans had been announced for a D.C. mobilization, thus setting up misconceptions and promoting confusion.

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Athens, OH — February 2nd, 2007. The Ohio University campus has been rocked this year by a decidedly anti-democratic, unaccountable administration, pushing unpopular policies wthout any student input whatsoever. Free speech zones on campus attempt to shut out discourse and protest. Arbitrary fees around popular student parties and holidays, the sudden cuts of Athens Varsity Sports teams, and indulgent pay bonuses for Administrators have left students feeling alienated and without control of their college. Ohio University is being run like a corporation rather than an educational institution.

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