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Lancaster, PA – September 27, 2007. This coming Tuesday, October 2nd, concerned citizens are asked to meet at Penn’s Square at 7 pm to demonstrate against President Bush’s visit to Lancaster County. This event will mark a massive opposition to Bush’s continued failed policies, both domestic and international. Bush is expected to arrive in the county Wednesday October 3rd in the morning or early afternoon. This demonstration will also be used as to announce actions for the following day.

President Bush’s record of illegal war, irrational foreign policy, detrimental environmental policy, as well, as domestic incompetence, and human rights violations, will be the focus of this demonstration. We need to come together in mass to deliver a message that George W. Bush, his record, and his presence are not welcome in our town.

The demonstration will be a community event, and everyone is encouraged to join in. Participants may bring their own signs and banners to make their voices heard.

For more information check out:
Lancaster Students for a Democratic Society
Dare to Struggle, Dare to Win!

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A Nationwide Convergence of Movement for a Democratic Society (MDS)

With Panels…Speakers…and Discussion on: War & Peace…Building a New Movement…Saving the Planet…Abolishing Prisons…Ending Racism…Building Our Own Media…Gay Rights & Human Rights…Women & Work…Comics & Popular Culture…SDS Today!!!

Featuring: Manning Marable, Kathy Kelly, Carl Davidson, Muhammad Ahmad, Peter Linebaugh, Gale Ahrens, David Roediger, Kate Khatib, Paul Buhle, Amanda Klonsky and many others!

At Loyola University’s North Shore Campus
6525 North Sheridan Road, Chicago, IL 60626

November 10-11, 2007… Free!

For further information write: MDS, 1740 W. Greenleaf Ave, Chicago IL 60626

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A sign declares the theme of the day…
(Photo: Thomas Good / Next Left Notes)

New York, NY – September 25, 2007. Contingents bearing flag draped coffins came from all over the City, descending on Dag Hammarskjold plaza on Tuesday, September 25, 2007. Some of the coffin contingents started their march to the Dag as early as 6:30 am. The occasion was an “Arrest Bush” rally protesting the presence of war criminal George Bush in New York. Bush was in NYC to speak at the UN General Assembly. The Dag Hammarskjold rally began at 8:30 am and around 10:15 things heated up. Just outside the permitted rally, 15 protesters were arrested for attempting to make a “citizen’s arrest” of Bush – the activists were grabbed by police as they approached the United Nations. After the arrests, police abruptly canceled the rally organizers’ sound permit. In response, rally goers launched an ad hoc march to Washington Square where another activist was arrested for using a bullhorn. The feeling of resistance was in the air and even the corporate media had to take note of it – running stories on several major news services in the Metro area.

The Arrest Bush rally drew members from several NYC organizations, including: The Granny Peace Brigade; World Can’t Wait; Students for a Democratic Society; CodePINK; Military Families Speak Out; Veterans For Peace; War Resisters League; Witness Against Torture; Movement for a Democratic Society, and; Peace Action. The National Lawyers Guild was also on hand – a literal sea of lime green NLG ballcaps were visible to the assembled activists.

When the early end of the rally precipitated an ad hoc march, protesters streamed down 5th Avenue – previously off limits for protests – flanked by a large number of scooter cops and uniforms who walked alongside the main column. On arrival at Washington Square members of the NYPD Manhattan South Task Force arrested an activist for using a bullhorn which provoked a standoff between protesters and police. Police Lieutenant John Wolf ordered protesters to clear the sidewalk or be arrested for disorderly conduct. Both sides eased back off the sidewalk and, despite the apparent tension, there were no further arrests.

Protesters at Washington Square
(Photo: Thomas Good / Next Left Notes)

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Written by: Dustin Shane

Nashville, Friday, Sept. 20: Pots and pans rattled and clanged along West End Ave. in front of Centennial Park as dozens turned out with household utensils to protest the war in Iraq for over two hours Friday evening.

The use of cooking implements was inspired by the late activist and columnist Molly Ivins’s infamous quote, “Get out there and raise hell for peace.”

The organizations present included the Nashville Peace and Justice Center, Vets for Peace, and the Peace Coalition.

Ellen Walsh, a senior at Iowa State University, is interning at the Nashville Peace and Justice Center. Hoisting a wooden peace symbol into the air, she told The Meter, “I don’t understand why people dumb down peace. What’s wrong with peace? So many people feel this way, but some just don’t want to show it in public.”

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WHERE: Staten Island Ferry Terminal
WHEN: Tuesday, September 25th, 7:00 AM

On Tuesday, September 25th beginning at 7:00 AM on the Staten Island side of the ferry, anti-war protesters will be carrying 2 mock-coffins up to the UN where a protest denouncing President Bush and repudiating his position on the war will be underway!

Cindy Sheehan will be one of the “pall bearers” joining the Staten Island Peace Action/MDS contingent carrying a mock-coffin draped in an American flag symbolizing the deaths of almost 3,800 GI’s in the war in Iraq. Around the City, there will be processions from 10 different locations, all converging on the United Nations General Assembly. Coffins, draped in the Iraqi flag, Afghani flag, and black shrouds will be carried by members of other peace action groups such as the War Resisters League, the Granny Peace Brigade, World Can’t Wait, and others.

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Elaine Brower stands in the middle of Amboy Road
(Photo: Thomas Good / Next Left Notes)

New York, NY – September 23, 2007. Staten Island’s MDS chapter joined with Truth 13 members to mark the kickoff of the Iraq Moratorium with a Honk For Impeachment action at the South Shore office of the notorious Bush flunky – Congressman Vito Fossella (R, 13th CD). Response was very good overall and one anecdote tells the tale: a student driver approached Elaine Brower and Tom Good, who were standing in the middle of Amboy Road. The student honked twice and smiled. His instructor grabbed his arm and shook his head No. The student responded by brushing off the admonition and honking again – the second time with feeling. Brower and Good offered raised fists in return.

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(Photo: Thomas Good / Next Left Notes)

Consumption: Domestic Imperialism, an MDS document by Dave Gilbert

New York, NY – September 23, 2007. While covering Movement news, NLN also attempts to contribute to the public data stream by acquiring and scanning original SDS/MDS documents. The most recent addition to the NLN New Left archive is Dave Gilbert’s “Consumption: Domestic Imperialism”. Originally published as an MDS document, it was later reprinted by the Radical Education Project (REP) in Ann Arbor.

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SDS targeted war profiteers Lockheed Martin in today’s march
Photo: Thomas Good / Next Left Notes

New York, NY – May 19, 2007. Members of NYC Metro Area SDS and MDS chapters kicked off the Iraq Moratorium today with a march from the New School to Lockheed Martin and then on to the Times Square recruiting center. It was an inspiring – and aerobic – event according to NLN staffers who struggled to keep up with the fast moving procession. NLN videos and photos show how vibrant the action was. Great job SDS!

SDS marched up 5th Ave to kick off the Iraq Moratorium
Photo: Thomas Good / Next Left Notes

View Photos and Videos From The Action…

SDS: “Who Lied? Who Died? Who Paid? Who Profits?”
Photo: Thomas Good / Next Left Notes