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VFP President Elliott Adams speaking at Union Square
(Photo: Thomas Good / Next Left Notes)

New York, NY – October 27, 2007. Thousands of antiwar protesters took to the streets on Saturday, October 27, 2007. Their spirits weren’t dampened by the pouring rain that fell for the first half of the day. Wielding umbrellas, slickers and an unrelenting conviction that the war must be ended now, marchers filed out of Union Square and processed south on Broadway. The march, whose lead contingent featured members of Veterans For Peace (VFP), Military Families Speak Out (MFSO) and Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW), concluded in Foley Square with a Peace Fair. VFP and MFSO had tables at the fair – as did the students and youth: the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) table was a very busy place.


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Pro-War Zombies in Times Square
(Photo: Thomas Good / Next Left Notes)

New York, NY – October 19, 2007. Members of MDS New York were joined by students from Pratt, New School and Pace SDS in a street theatre action in NYC’s Times Square. The occasion was the second round of the Iraq Moratorium. Protesters clad as “pro-war zombies” – and the Grim Reaper – turned out on the third Friday in October, 2007 to “help” recruiters. The zombies spoke to passersby, arguing that: “It’s been a long war, business is slow for recruiters and they seem lonely – stop in and say hello.” The zombies worked a two hour shift (union rules?) – exhorting pedestrians to “support endless war”, “give war a chance”, sign up for “only two weekends a month, honest” and to remember that “violence is the answer”. The sarcasm was not lost on three recruiters who came out of their smallish office on “military island” to glare at the ghouls – the zombies agreed that this was the most annoyed they had ever seen the recruiters. Undead Nixon, who made an appearance at the event as well, encouraged the crowd to remember that death and destruction are “underrated” as he gave the hapless recruiters a big thumb’s up.

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Grim thoughts…
(Photo: Nathaniel G / Next Left Notes)

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The Grim Reaper counter-protests at MDS Impeachment Action
(Photo: Red Dragon / Next Left Notes)

New York, NY – October 15, 2007. Every Sunday MDS New York and Truth 13 hold a Honk For Impeachment action on Staten Island. Locations for the protest rotate between the Staten Island Ferry Terminal (North Shore), the Staten Island Mall (South Shore) and this week: Chickenhawk Congressman Vito Fossella’s Mid-Island office. Apparently upset with MDS, the Grim Reaper showed up on Sunday to counter-protest – and show his support for Bush, Cheney and Fossella.

“Bush and Cheney have been very good for business,” the Reaper told NLN. “My stocks are up too – all of my favorite companies: Raytheon, Siemens, Halliburton. I love Bush and Cheney – and Vito too,” he added.

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MDS poster outside Fossella’s office
(Photo: Red Dragon / Next Left Notes)

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A member of the Raging Grannies
(Photo: Thomas Good / Next Left Notes)

Brooklyn, NY – October 14, 2007. Friends of peace gathered in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn on Saturday, October 14, 2007 – to celebrate peace and resist endless war. The event, hosted by Bay Ridge Neighbors For Peace, featured speakers, performers, face painting, refreshments and tablers. The Raging Grannies were a big hit – performing several of their antiwar songs – and a very pleasant Fall day drew a good crowd to Bay Ridge.

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Resisting Endless War
Thomas Good (panel with Bill Ayers and Elaine Brower)

Chicago, IL – November 10, 2007.

Movement for a Democratic Society (MDS) originally formed to support SDS: to do legal observation (in conjunction with the National Lawyers Guild (NLG) ), to raise bail money, help with press work, etc. But now, a year and a half later, MDS exists as an activist organization in its own right.

The key question facing MDS today is the same question that I heard raised in 1974. On May 4, 1974, I attended a rally at Kent State University at which Tom Hayden, Julian Bond and Dan Ellsberg spoke. With the US intervention in Viet Nam clearly ending (as the people of Viet Nam approached victory over US imperialism) the question was “Where do we (the peace movement) go from here?” Implicit in the question was the idea that the peace movement’s work was unfinished even though the 10 year war was finally ending. At the time no clear answer was offered. Last year I posed the same question to Hayden when I saw him in New York. He said: “I don’t know, we aren’t there yet.” My feeling is that we need to find an answer, and find it NOW if the peace movement is to avoid the same old problem – having to rebuild itself with each new war.

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Chicago – October 15, 2007. The Movement for a Democratic Society National Convergence is being held in Chicago at Loyola University, November 8 – 11, 2007. The schedule, subject to revision, is as follows:

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 8 at Crown Center Auditorium (Loyola Avenue & the Lake)

  • 7 pm Manning Marable Speaks.

    Marable is a professor at Columbia University in New York and author of Living Black History: How Reimaging the African-American Past Can Remake America’s Racial Future; Black Leadership: Four Great American Leaders and The Struggle for Civil Rights and other works.


  • 7 pm Dinner at Heartland Café, 7000 N. Glenwood Ave. (Prices for a good meal begin at $7.00)
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    Cathy Wilkerson at Bluestockings booktore in NYC
    (Photo: Thomas Good / Next Left Notes)

    New York, NY – October 4, 2007. Thirty-seven years after the accidental explosion that destroyed her parents’ New York townhouse – killing three Weathermen, Cathy Wilkerson published a book about her experiences in SDS and WUO. She journeyed to Bluestockings bookstore on Thursday, October 4, to read from her book and field questions from a curious audience. Arriving early to set up video equipment, I had a chance to speak with Wilkerson. Our brief chat, her presentation and the book itself were all fascinating.

    Prior to the start of her presentation Cathy and I chatted briefly about journalism, the amateur aesthetic that has always characterized both incarnations of NLN and the inherent difficulties in getting activists to file reports. Wilkerson is very personable, unassuming and quite direct. Her sophisticated but blunt style is very appealing.

    Wilkerson began her talk with a reading from Flying Close To The Sun. She introduced the passage by remarking that the book is a political memoir that begins in her childhood and one that – considered in its entirety – serves to illustrate “how (she) figured stuff out”. The passage she read chronicled events in San Francisco and New York that led up to the Townhouse explosion which she characterized as “an iconic event” – one that killed three of her comrades who died after accidentally detonating the bomb they were assembling. The material is personal and passionate – and Wilkerson, a teacher, emotes and entertains with her delivery. The reading dealt with her feelings about Terry Robbins (“the current ran full force between us”) and her desire to learn the art of bombmaking which was rather popular in 1970 according to government statistics cited by Wilkerson. It was a fascinating glimpse in the world of Weatherman circa February 1970 – 2 1/2 weeks before the explosion that killed Robbins and two others, prompting Weather to go underground and to reconsider violence against persons. Because the book has very little editorial content, Wilkerson asserts: “I’m going to be quoted out of context a lot.” This is acceptable, she argues, as it was important the book be an honest memoir – not a view of the past reflected through a lens filtered by 20/20 hindsight.

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    (Photo: Elaine Brower / Next Left Notes)

    New York, NY – October 8, 2007. On Monday, October 8th, about 20 lively people showed up at the New York City Times Square Recruiting Station to support GI resistance. Activists from The Committee United for Lt. Watada, Not In Our Name, Granny Peace Brigade, and others came out in the heat of October. They specifically came to support Lt. Ehren Watada, who was due to be brought up again on a second courtmartial hearing. This retrial would constitute, as his lawyers demanded, a case of “double jepoardy,” and therefore brought before the Appeals Court for a stay. A small victory in the case since they have postponed the trial for the end of October, pending other motions! But people came out in force with their signs, banners and spirit supporting Lt. Watada, and all GI Resisters!

    The military who were inside the recruiting station just peered out to watch us parading around the Times Square triangle, holding signs saying “SUPPORT WAR RESISTERS”, and “REFUSE TO FIGHT!” They are getting used to this type of demonstration and at one point 2 very brave Marines came out to talk to Kay from Pennsylvania, a military brat herself, wife of a Marine, and mother of 2 soldiers. Considering they probably fought in Iraq, they looked pretty scared! She told them she wasn’t against the military, just Bush and Cheney, wearing her “WAR CRIMINALS: BUSH & CHENEY” bright orange t-shirt. They laughed and said “That’s fine with us, you want to end this war, go right ahead. We’re with you!” She was just so happy to get this positive response, she was able to go on in the sweltering evening heat.

    Police even stopped by and took our flyers explaining the plight of Lt. Ehren Watada, the first officer to refuse to fight in the illegal and immoral war and occupation of Iraq. They stood in the triangle with us and read the entire flyer, and agreed that we were doing the right thing. A Sgt. even stopped by and nicely asked us how long we would be there, in an apologetic voice. We told him for 2 hours, and he said “no problem.” He promised us that the 2 cops that just read our flyer would stay with us until we left. We felt so much safer!

    Great little rally from 4 PM to 6 PM, with very big hearts supporting GI Resistance!

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    Lancaster SDS Takes On Bush
    (Photo: Lancaster SDS)

    Lancaster, PA – October 4, 2007. The Lancaster Students for a Democratic Society and Lancaster Coalition for Peace and Justice co-hosted an anti-Bush rally Tuesday night in Lancaster, PA. The event was organized in response to Bush’s Wednesday visit to Lancaster. 400 people from Lancaster County came out to express their discontent with the Bush administration.

    Bush visited Lancaster on Wednesday to explain his reasons behind his recent vetoing of SCHIP – a bill that would have continued funding for children’s healthcare in 15 states, and almost simultaneously requesting over 100 billion dollars to fund the war in Iraq.

    (Photo: Lancaster SDS)

    Organizers of the event said they’d never experienced a Lancaster protest so energetic, and a local paper claimed that “revolution was in the air” Tuesday night. Excited youth climbed and draped banners over historic statues in Penn Square, elderly people chanted “This is what democracy looks like!” and nearly every passing car honked in support.

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    “Denial” is a photo montage culled from NLN archives
    (Video Stills: Thomas Good / Next Left Notes)

    New York, NY – October 4, 2007. Two new videos have been posted at the Next Left Notes Video Repository, NLN on YouTube. The first is called “Denial” and it is a photo montage – featuring the best of NLN protest photography. The second offering contains video footage and stills of MDS NYC honking for impeachment…click on the images to access the videos directly.

    “Impeach Now” has footage of MDS in action