“The Myth Of Global Warming”
(Photo: Thomas Altfather Good / NLN)

NEW YORK — November 11, 2012. In last two years New York City has experienced two hurricanes and two Autumn blizzards — perhaps it’s time we changed the hurricane naming conventions?

Hurricane Irene, Hurricane Sandy — these names sound so benign and quaint. Given that global warming has impacted the frequency and severity of major storms — assuming that the “Myth of Global Warming” hypothesis advanced by creationists doesn’t fly any longer with reasonable people — perhaps its time we gave recognition to those responsible. Submitted for your consideration, some possible names for future storms: Hurricane BP, Hurricane Chevron, Hurricane Exxon, Hurricane Shell. This naming convention could be augmented to include individuals who merit recognition: Hurricane Adelson, Hurricane Cheney, and even Hurricane Koch – which could be singular or plural. With the number of storms increasing we may soon reach Hurricane W — and beyond.