Posted by TAG - November 15, 2012 | News

Electrical workers from DTE Energy (Detroit) – working on Staten Island
(Photo: Thomas Altfather Good / NLN)

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — November 15, 2012. Earlier today, this reporter spotted a group of electrical workers standing near their truck — not an unusual sight for New York City, except that these men were from Detroit’s DTE Energy.

I introduced myself and took a couple of pictures. The men asked if I would be putting the photos on the internet. I said yes and gave out my business card — which prompted a few comments, my favorite being, “United Auto Workers, that’s what I’m talking about!”

I explained that the National Writers Union is Local 1981 of the UAW, hence my union affiliation. It turned out that some of the IBEW workers had been UAW at one time. I mentioned that I still have friends and family in Local 12, in Toledo, not far from the Motor City — and thanked the guys for coming to the aid of a battered New York. Our friends from Michigan said they expected to be going home soon. I wished them well and walked away smiling — the first time I’d worn a smile in what seemed a very long time.

There are electrical workers from all across the country in Staten Island, working to restore power as I type. I can only say that, as a Staten Islander, I am grateful to them all — and to my new friends from DTE Energy I’d like to add, “Thank You, Detroit!”

A fellow worker from the Motor City.
(Photo: Thomas Altfather Good / NLN)